Stretches to help relieve back pain

13/03/2013 17:52


If you are experiencing back pain, especially that caused by sciatica, there are several natural ways to relieve it (assuming that the back pain is not chronic nor caused from trauma). Here are some stretches & ideas for eliminating back pain with ease:

  • Gently bring your chin to your chest, slowly. Hold this position. You should feel a stretch in your upper back.
  • Lay on your back, then pull your knees to your chest. You should be curled up in a ball, but with controlled balance. This gives your lower back a nice stretch and increases flexibility while relieving muscle tension.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Clasp your hands together and bring them up above your head, arms stretching upward. Slowly lean to the left and hold for several seconds, encouraging a stretch on the right side of your body. Repeat on the right side.
  • Lay on your back with the balls of your feet touching the floor. Move your knees from side to side several times to loosen up the lower part of your back. See how far to either side your body allows you to twist.

There are plenty of ways to relieve back pain naturally through stretching and poses. If you experience persistent or stabbing pain, we suggest you seek out an expert in back surgery such as Spine Surgeons or Laser Spine Institute New York.

For more information and a handy video demonstrating some of these back stretches, go to!