Enjoy Working Out? Here's How to Deal With Back Pain From Running

19/03/2013 15:39

It is impossible to deny the benefits of exercise. The downside is that at times back pain can halt a good jogging regimen. For the runners who experience constant back tension, a tough workout sometimes aggravates a stinging cramp and tense spot in the back. The spinal area, joints, and discs near the back can be the cause of injury. If you experience horrible balance or posture, back pain may be even worse. Tension in the joints and discs in the lower back and small of the back are caused by the consistent thumping of the body and feet on a hard unsmooth street. Not all runners experience soreness resulting from their exercise, but for the people who do, it may be a puzzle to understand the cause of the pain. It is important for those who exercise to gain some knowledge about the scope of achiness they possible could be having and if it may be addressed with small modifications to a running routine or if they needs to consult a professional.

An advisable method in the treatment of muscle aches as a result of jogging is strength training. Using exercises, this version of conditioning is designed to beef up back muscles. These repetitions take care of body position, build strength in the back and thigh muscles and discs. To test the capabilities of the body, you can take a Sorenson exam. Abrasion monitoring is another method for treatment. This kind of healing has been proven for a long time and is used by plenty of physicians and physical therapists. Traction eliminates the tension from the specific region. Movement encourages loosening of the spinal tissue. Sometimes overlooked, unique exercise shoes could be the lifesaver for lots of runners as the bottoms are designed to take up stress to the back. Unending pain in the feet and legs could cause pressure to creep up on the back muscles.

Not all back pain begins from a regular ache or muscle pain; Likely, back soreness is the first sign of a more crucial circumstance. A decrease of cushioning and shock absorbing capacity in the discs of the spine is caused by Degenerative Disc Disease. Spondylolisthesis can be a kind of spinal imbalance that happens when one vertebral column on another. Spinal stenosis and arthritis may also elicit aching to the lower spine during exercise. To determine the complication that a runner is affected by, doctor's x-ray equipment should be utilized. Certain laser spine treatments are non-invasive and can have people returning to their exercise schedule in no time. No matter what, it is very much recommended that you stop running for a few weeks until a physician confirms to you that your spinal soreness has been alleviated in full.

When the pain in the back is a consistent flat pain or severe acute pain, surgical treatment may be an option. What kind of surgery you could qualify for can be disclosed when you speak with a physician. You have many options nearby in your region when deciding what type of ailment you could be faced with. Using the proper procedure, you'll be out on the cement again - exercising, that is - in no time flat!

Stretches to help relieve back pain

13/03/2013 17:52


If you are experiencing back pain, especially that caused by sciatica, there are several natural ways to relieve it (assuming that the back pain is not chronic nor caused from trauma). Here are some stretches & ideas for eliminating back pain with ease:

  • Gently bring your chin to your chest, slowly. Hold this position. You should feel a stretch in your upper back.
  • Lay on your back, then pull your knees to your chest. You should be curled up in a ball, but with controlled balance. This gives your lower back a nice stretch and increases flexibility while relieving muscle tension.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Clasp your hands together and bring them up above your head, arms stretching upward. Slowly lean to the left and hold for several seconds, encouraging a stretch on the right side of your body. Repeat on the right side.
  • Lay on your back with the balls of your feet touching the floor. Move your knees from side to side several times to loosen up the lower part of your back. See how far to either side your body allows you to twist.

There are plenty of ways to relieve back pain naturally through stretching and poses. If you experience persistent or stabbing pain, we suggest you seek out an expert in back surgery such as Spine Surgeons or Laser Spine Institute New York.

For more information and a handy video demonstrating some of these back stretches, go to!



Keeping your back pain-free while running

05/03/2013 14:55


Jogging is a wonderful type of exercise and allows you to practice a well-rounded as well as fine-tuned way of life . With lots of parks in New York City, it is easy to get away from city life for a while and take a short stress run. However , back pain may hinder a jogging routine and stop your feet from running on the pavement frequently. Especially the people who have consistent muscle aches in the back , this exercise highly aggravates a painful pull and spasm the lower back. With cardio exercise, a tug begins in the lower part , joints and spine of the body . These areas are even worse if the runner suffers from bad posture or vertigo. Friction in the areas mentioned and the spine in the sacrospinalis area and upper back can be hurt from the {consistent|constant} pounding of the lower body and feet on a solid unpaved street . Such that a runner either starts to experience or in the past has had pain , there are several of issues as the the culprit of the pain . It's important that each runner to gain a bit of knowledge about the kind of back pain he or she is having as well as if the pain can be mitigated with minor alternatives to a exercise regimen or if it's important to see a specialist .


To stop these symptoms from starting , runners should begin fitness training . This uses sets of intervals to help build up tissue in the abs and spinal areas . Particular intervals strengthen alignment , grow power in the back and thigh area and joints . To check the strength of the section of the body , undergo a Sorenson exam . An additional fix includes traction . This kind of analysis has been around for a long while and is employed by various physicians as well as trained PTs . It removes the stress from the painful part of the body . Simple massage of the areas and skin alleviates some pain in the lower abdominals and spinal region . Some of the easiest and often forgotten methods to halt annoying back pain during exercise is simply buying some shoes made to help ankle and back stress by distributing tension to the whole body . This hurting in the lower body and knees may create tension to creep up on the back section of your body .


See a video about it here:

When to see a doctor about back pain

21/02/2013 10:49


It's hard to live a life out on the New York City town if back pain is holding you back. Sure, back pain is a reality for most people, especially if you do a lot of exercise that could be putting tension and pressure into your back muscles. But how much is too much? If you experience any of these symptoms in conjunction with your back pain, it could be time to stop ignoring it and consult a doctor:



If you were in an accident of any kind and you now experience back pain, it could be a sign of something much worse than just muscle soreness. Your doctor will most likely check to see if there are any fractures to your back or spine and figure out whether you could use physical therapy or something as serious as corrective surgery.


Feeling of numbness

If you have numbness in your back or a feeling of prickliness, resembling a foot that is asleep, you may have nerve damage. It could be a sign of a very serious condition such as a herniated disc or stenosis. It's extremely important not to ignore this feeling in your back, because it could take a turn for the worse, potentially causing you to be paralyzed or at least disabled.


Persistent severe pain

If your back is clearly not temporary and has lasted for more than 1 week, it could be a sign that your body is not simply recovering from a minor injury. Even if there was no trauma associated with the pain, you should get this checked out by a doctor, similar to any other persistent pain, if it does not subside in due time.


What to do?

New York has many places to go to get some advice about your back pain (see the previous post that lists some options). From Laser Spine Institute New York to a regular hospital, there are many options at your disposal. Get your pain looked at if you have a gut feeling that it could be more than just normal will be glad you did. See this great article from WebMD for more information.

Yoga stretches to do to relieve back pain

20/02/2013 17:02

Yoga, for many, is a way to relax while also targeting specific muscle groups in the body. But it can also be a great alternative method of relieving back pain. Here are some yoga-inspired stretches you can do to alleviate some of that soreness you are experiencing:

Downward facing dog

This pose is a way to strengthen the core as well as the arms and hamstrings. Try to hold the pose for 1-3 minutes. In the beginning, extend your elbows so that your palms are touching the ground. As you get more flexible, try to bring your head closer to your knees, and then release your elbows so that half of your arms are touching the ground (as demostrated above).



As you do this pose, be sure to press your feet and thighs into the floor as you raise up your upper torso. Keep your head in line with your neck so that you don't cause any extra strain. Hold for about 20 seconds, then release as you exhale. Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.


Triangle Pose

The picture you see above is a much more difficult version of the triangle pose, called the side plank pose. However, it has many of the same effects of the triangle pose without as much stress caused to the back. Stay in the pose for as long as you can, reaching upwards and inhaling and exhaling deeply. Repeat on the other side of your body.


Child's Pose

This pose is by far the most relaxing, and the easiest on your back. Simple start on your knees and lay your upper body over your legs. You can either grab your feet or extend your arms straight in front of you. This will be a welcome relief from your other yoga stretches.


There are many great ways that yoga can help your back pain. Do you know of any other poses that have helped you?



Where to find back surgery in New York

11/02/2013 14:00

There are many places to get back surgery in the New York area. Here are some recommendations:

  • Spine Institute of New York Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Laser Spine Institute New York
  • New York Neck & Back Center
  • New York Spinal Specialists
  • NYU Hospital For Joint Diseases

If you come across any others, please let me know!


Making a medical trip to a big city

29/01/2013 15:18

Big cities can be overwhelming, especially for visitors who are there on a medical trip. What can you do to lighten the load of a surgery on your trip? You don't want to have to deal with stresses of travel on top of everything else. Here are some tips for taking the trip that will finally change your life and rid you of your back pain forever.


  • Pack lightly: You don't want to have to deal with all kinds of luggage while you are trying to juggle all kinds of appointments and priorities on your trip. Pack only a carry-on so that you don't have to worry about your bag getting stuck in the wrong city if you check it. No need to bring all of your cosmetics or accessories along: all of the pampering you'll get from the hospital or outpatient center will be plenty enough to keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Schedule a non-stop flight: There is nothing worse than having to prolong your travel experience with a layover flight. If you must fly, at least treat yourself to a non-stop flight. It will get you there more quickly and put your mind at ease so you don't have to worry about missing your connection. If there's a non-stop flight scheduled on the days you are traveling, it's definitely recommended that you book it.
  • Don't make too many plans: Sure, it's fine to visit an old friend. But we don't suggest you do it the day after your surgery. Give yourself time to heal without trying to think about commitments you've made. If people want to visit you in your hotel or an outpatient center, that can be an excellent way to catch up without putting too much pressure on yourself.
  • Enjoy the vacation: It may not seem like much of a vacation, but traveling for a medicine procedure is better than not traveling at all (right?). Try to enjoy it as much as you can and take it all in. Different cities offer a great opportunity to explore and enjoy a culture different than what you are used to. 

If you follow these tips, your medical trip won't be so bad after all! You may even look forward to it.

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Back Breaking Activities

23/01/2013 16:10

New York residents know that life involves a lot of walking. But here are some activities to definitely avoid if you are trying to rid yoruself of back pain:

  • Excessive athletic activity
  • Running for extended periods of time
  • Gymnastics
  • Wrestling

It's easy to hurt your back if you are sensitive to the issue. If it has gotten to the point where back pain is starting to ruin your life, you should look into more serious measures like back surgery.